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Hunter Wheel Balancing

Cut Fleet Operation Costs with Balanced Tires

Road Force Balancing in Pittston, PA

Two of the biggest expenses for any business fleet are fuel and tires. One way to improve fuel economy and maximize tire life is through a road force balance.

All Star Tire, Inc. uses the Hunter ForceMatch® Balancer designed for heavy-duty trucks. Programmed to measure runout with every balance, the Hunter ForceMatch® Balancer quickly identifies problem areas, detects if tires are out of round, and provides the information technicians need to correct imbalances for a smooth ride.

We provide bus and truck wheel balancing for Pittston, PA, Wilkes-Barre, PA, and Scranton, PA, and surrounding areas.

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What is Road Force Balancing?

A road force balance applies pressure to the tire/wheel assembly to recreate real driving conditions. In addition to weight imbalances, a road force balancer identifies tire stiffness and shows technicians where the tire high spot and wheel low spot are located so they can be matched for a smoother ride. A road force balance is a more sophisticated service than a regular wheel balance that detects bulges and hard spots.

If there is an imbalance in the tire and wheel assembly, the tire will wobble or shimmy as it rotates. This wobbling causes vibrations that increase with speed. Vibrations caused by a tire imbalance lead to abnormal tire wear and put strain on suspension system components.

Watch the Hunter ForceMatch® Balancer in Action

Track Your Savings

Our experienced professionals use the Hunter ForceMatch® Balancer to identify the position and amount of imbalance in your truck or bus tire/wheel assemblies. The Hunter ForceMatch® Balancer uses SmartWeight® Balancing technology that tracks savings while by minimizing weight usage and maximizing productivity.

Save Time on Heavy-Duty Wheel Balancing

The Hunter ForceMatch® is designed to provide accurate results fast, so you experience less downtime. In minutes, the HD wheel balancer diagnoses:

  • Wheel imbalance
  • Wheel runout
  • Force variation of the tire
  • Mounting errors
  • Other issues

The Hunter ForceMatch® lifts up to 500 lb assemblies and transmits necessary corrections to a diagnostic screen where our staff review the results to make precise corrections.

Our Hunter ForceMatch® balancing equipment will provide an accurate diagnosis of your heavy-duty vehicle. The Hunter Road Force Touch® is guaranteed to perform a tire balance test faster than a traditional balancing equipment. It solves vibration problems, identifies vehicle pulls, ensures proper centering, and eliminates setup errors in order to provide a new car ride to your truck or bus.

Don’t risk the wear and performance of your tires on any other heavy-duty truck balancing technology. Call now to schedule your appointment at All Star Tire, Inc..

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